Your Terms and Conditions

The following are terms and conditions that apply to rental equipment and services in Bali One Care.

1. BOC comitted to data security

    1.1. Your personally identifiable information is kept secure. Only authorized employees, agents and contractors (who have agreed to keep information secure and confidential) have access to this information. All emails and newsletters from this site allow you to opt out of further mailings.

2. The state of the rental item:

    2.1. Always sterilized within a thorough aseptic technique.
    2.2. Always thoroughly checked, maintained, calibrated in preparation for next hire.
    2.3. All rental equipment are property of Bali One Care
    2.4. It is the customer's full liability for all of the equipment rented to be returned in the clean, functioning condition that you received it in.
    2.5. Please note that there may be a difference in picture or color for the items listed on our website so we may not always see the picture of the item you are looking for, so please ask as we are always upgrading our equipment to maintain the quality and standards of care providing you with the best universal items for all of our Bali One Care items.

3. Damage or loss of goods:

    3.1. In case of damage or loss of the rented equipments customers should immediately contact Bali One Care at +62 0361 8782000 or on our hotline +62 081 338502000
    3.2. Tenants or customers should be willing to pay compensation of any damage on the equipments or items are returned including a state of dirty or lost parts or accessories happened to the rental or services for all equipment and property of BOC for amount of the deposit money as listed on each items existing on our website.

4. Cancellation of Orders

    4.1. If there are any problems found with use of rentals or services the rental and the period can not be continued then Bali One Care by unilateral decision has the right to terminate the rental agreement for such of services.
    4.2. All clients will charged Rp 100,000 deposit all rental of Equipments cancelled by customers if rental order has already been confirmed and paid including delivery charges if the equipment or carer has been delivered or is wating at your address.
    4.3. If the items returned before the rental agreement period expired then Bali One Care will not refund the money that has been paid.

5. Payment Method

    5.1. Through to Mandiri Bank transfer in Account no: 1450007917194 On behalf of: I PUTU ROMI ADI KARSIKA
    5.2. All of payment will have evidence in the form of an invoice or receipt with the seal or stamp from Bali One Care
    5.3. All payments including rental, deposit money and delivery and collection fee must be paid before the equipment is delivered and we will not process any order if there has been no confirmation or clearance of payment method.
    5.4. All payments can be done with Rupiah or foreign currency (Exchange rate is subject to the exchange rate in Bali)

6. Delevery and collection Service

    6.1. Bali One Care will deliver and collect any item or equipments rented according to the address and time that been agreed and will be fully charged to the agreed address throughout the whole of Bali island.
                Area 1 .......................................................................... Rp 50,000
                Denpasar, Badung/Mangupura
                Area 2 .......................................................................... Rp   100,000
                Area 3 .......................................................................... Rp 200,000
                Area 4 .......................................................................... Rp 300,000
                Bangli, Klungkung, Karangasem, Singaraja, Negara


    6.2. All clients have to provide up to date personal detalls regarding health status, name,address and any additional information to assist you providing you with the best and most efficient management for us to help you manage your health and well being. Bali One Care will not be responsible for any delay in delivery and collection due to wrong address or any other information that is not incomplete or invalid.
    6.3. If there is a change of address or any other alterations that will affect your provision of care or rentals, please give BOC notification as soon as possible within 24-48 hours prior to agreement commencing.
    6.4. We always attach a receipt form that will require your signature for completion of agreement and ensure with the client that the equipment is in good order and the client or carer has the knowledge to use it independently.and agreement to all Terms And Conditions as outlined on the document.
    6.5. For the delivery and collection time to occur within the next 24 hours it will be delivered as soon as possible. TRAFFIC WARNING Please be aware that there are many roads currently being constructed to alleviate the over crowding on our roads and traffic congestion is a daily occurrence often adding 1-2 hour delays to even short distances.

7. Price

    7.1. We are Bali One Care strive to provide the best service and affordable prices for local, tourist and expatriate remains the same.
    7.2. Bali One Care reserves the right to change prices at any times.
    7.3. All prices listed on our website are including taxes.

8. Home Care

    8.1. To get Home Care services from BOC customers should make a call or email first to get a full explanation for details of care, what is included in the home care services, prices, time and others. After done all of procedure, question and all agreed than BOC will start the arrangement of the service.
    8.2. Please notice to the Bali One Care at least 24 - 48 hours before desired of time.

9. Oxygen Rental

    9.1. Customers must attach a letter from the doctor who signed and states for you need to get an oxygen therapy.
    9.2. Customers need to understand some important things about the use of oxygen.
    9.3. Must understand the dosage recommended by the doctor count by Liter Per Minute (LPM).
    9.4. The oxygen storage must be away from the fire and keep it in the shade away from sun, away from children, always put on trolley and secure so is not easy to fall.
    9.5. In the event of a cylinder or oxygen regulator leaking customers should be reporting to Bali One Care immediately.
    9.6. Bali One Care will not be responsible and to be freed from any legal matter may arise due to the negligence or default from the customers in the use of oxygen such any kind of problems, accidents, customer property damages, error on device / item and by other employee or agent.

10. Deposit

    10.1. For some items we required a full security bond or deposit money to be paid Simultaneously in front with the total rental and delivery fee in one invoice.
    10.2. Deposit money received by Bali One Care will be refunded in full 100% to the customer at the end of the rental period in cash (if no damage or loss on the goods - see damage and loss clause).
    10.3. If the deposit payment in Rupiah it will be returned in Rupiah as well as in Dollar it will be returned in dollar.
    10.4. The amount of the deposit required will varies depending what kind of equipment and everything is clearly written on our web page.

11. Accident

    11.1. Bali One Care will not be responsible and to be freed from all kind of lawsuits prevailing in Indonesia against any kind of problems, accidents, customers property damage, either cause by employees or another agent that may arise due to negligence of the customer in use of equipments or services and of the failure / damage on the equipment or any fault of the customers, staff or other agent either directly or indirectly.

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