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WELCOME TO BALI ONE CARE where we are committed to assisting all of your needs. We are a trusted health care service committed to providing a high standard of care for the benefit of each client's health and wellbeing.

BALI ONE CARE is located in the busy hub of Denpasar where the roads lead to every destination. We are a trusted health care company in Bali available to all those that are in need in the local community and assisting those in need of support while living or travelling to our beautiful island.

We are a medical health care agency providing medical aids to lease on a short or long term basis offering Medical Equipment, Professional Nursing Care and Respite with Personal cares for all ages and abilities from Infants through to the Elderly.

BALI ONE CARE began as a vision of a devoted and highly qualified local Registered Nurse Putu Romi Adi Karsika who could see through his commitment to the local community the daily struggles of all those calling Bali home for short term or long term visiting tourists from around the world who needed help with the hope of a new carefree day without the daily challenges and stress of caring for a loved one.

Romis creditionals are astounding with 15 years of extensive nursing expertise in Bali and internationally. Romi as he is affectionately known to locals is a family man dedicated to assisting anyone in need personally and professionally. Romi's native tongue offers Balinese, Indonesian and fluent English has worked hard to continually improve his education in Health Care with a diverse background. Romi has achieved the highest qualifications as a Senior Registered Nurse Clinician within the major Balinese Hospitals, Local Clinics, Emergency Critical Care, Basic Life Support, Nurse Educator, Surgical Nurse, Emergency Contingency Planning and Establishment, Mental Health Support, Pharmacology, Emergency Management and Protocol standards, fluent English translation with the medical knowledge to support and navigate you through the difficult communications when it is imperative you understand what medical options you or your loved one may be experiencing.

Romi handpicks all his staff insisting on the highest levels of expertise and compassion for all of his clients and as a Basic Life Support Educator ensures they are skilled in all levels of basic life support.

Romi keeps his knowledge current and up to date to meet western standards with regular in services liaisons with Australasian Registered Nurses specializing in current wound care, tropical diseases and respiratory diseases and Diabetic Educators.


We provide our clients with Medical Equipment /aids including wheelchair hire, canes, walking frames, crutches oxygen equipment, Nebulizers, CPAP, Personal aids, Shower chair, Commode and a variety of supports you may need to make life or travelling easier for you. All our equipment is from International trusted distributors and manufacturers including GEA, One Med, Omron and Res Med just to name a few. All equipment and care is supported by qualified and experienced staff, and rental online websites to save your time, money and the inconvenience of extra luggage or purchasing expensive items you may only require for a short term.


At Bali One Care we are also here to assist parents whether they live locally or are travelling through our beautiful Isle of Smiles taking the stress out of parenting with highly qualified, Nannies, Babysitters and Personal Care where all of our staff are qualified, skilled and experienced professionals chosen for their expertise in caring and ability to relate and communicate with children of all ages while following individual parenting guidelines.

Infant equipment is available to rent for short or long term lease on a variety of products including car seats, sterilizer and bottles for feeding, baby monitors, prams, strollers, high chairs from high quality manufacturers including Mothercare, Chico, Plico and others. Providing you with the freedom to travel without the fuss.

Please contact us for a free no obligation quote on how we can assist you and we will promptly reply to all request. We will endeavour to assist you with no job too big or too small.

In accordance with our vision and our name Bali One Care will become your One Stop Solution for all the needs of medical equipment rental, Infant equipment for hire and home care services in Bali at a reasonable cost, with friendly staff guaranteed to be reliable, responsible and professional in all areas of care.


We also liaise with Hospitals, Clinics, English speaking Doctors, Hotels, Villas and Travel Agents to provide up to date information regarding ease of access for disabled clients and can also list Family Friendly areas for parents to enjoy time with their children with the option of a Nanny, Babysitter or Respite Carer to cater for all of your needs as a valuable client of Bali One Care.

Our vision at Bali One Care is to assist you whether you are a local an expat or a tourist looking for assistance with your daily needs. We are here to provide you with the care you need in the privacy of your own home making each day a happy day on the exotic island of Bali where the historical temples are surrounded by beautiful beaches leaving you to enjoy a problem free holiday where you will always feel supported, comfortable and spend an unforgettable time with us in Bali the home of Smiles.

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